Pitrush Basic set


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What is this game? Pitrush is an insane flicking action game for the whole family. Players try to occupy the most pits by flicking small wooden discs into the pits. Two modes, a speed mode and a more tactical mode can be played according to the number of players.

Who is Pitrush for? It’s for the family, for kids or anyone who likes an easy skill game that is fun to play.

  • A light game for the whole family
  • An exciting duel for friends
  • A party game for buddies
  • Fun play for small kids

PITRUSH Players: 2-6 | Age: 4+ | Time: 5-15′

In your set:
1 Woodestic Pitrush Board
1 Pitrush Rules Sheet
49 Discs: 10 pieces from each of 3 colors, 8 pieces from the 4th color, 6 pieces from the 5th color, 5 pieces from the 6th color
2 Pick-stick (disc removal sticks)
1 Gliss Powder
1 Wax Set


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